Featured Partners & Programs

As an industry-leading Life Science company, Bayer supports diverse STEM education collaborations that help educate, engage and inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and innovators. Featured below are some of the signature programs and organizations we are working with to provide hands-on science learning experiences to students, teachers and families.

Featured Partners & Programs
Local educators trying a new classroom experiment at a Bayer Teacher Workshop in Kansas City.

A key component of the Making Science Make Sense initiative has been Bayer’s ability to develop strong ongoing partnerships and sustainable programs with diverse, best-practice STEM organizations. These partners and programs drive our efforts and connect Bayer employees to the communities where they live and work. Our company's focus on health care and argriculture, and long-term commitment to science for a better life, provides Bayer with a unique understanding of how critically important it is to continue supporting STEM education. Bayer’s ability to preserve human, animal and nutritional health – and our nation’s economic future – will rely on a robust STEM workforce pipeline.

At Bayer, we collaborate with industry leaders, government organizations, school districts, education associations, and parents/caregivers to advance STEM education and promote science literacy. Together with our Making Science Make Sense partners, we focus on building programs that provide positive hands-on learning experiences, long-term educational impact, and potential career inspiration for students, teachers and families.

Some of our partners and programs include:

Bayer volunteers engaging students
Bayer volunteers engaging students at the Bay Area Science Festival in Northern California.
Bayer and 4-H employees
Bayer and 4-H employees and leaders celebrating the launch of the Science Matters program at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur.

National 4-H Council: Science Matters

Many STEM-related jobs in the United States are still open positions due to a lack of candidates with the relevant skills – a scenario all too common in agriculture, a field not always considered for a STEM career. However, Scientists who focus on plants, food and water are in demand as growers tackle some of the most complex challenges of our time. Science Matters, a nationwide collaboration between Bayer and National 4-H Council, is addressing the need for an enhanced STEM workforce pipeline in agriculture by planting a love of scientific exploration in thousands of youth in urban and rural areas across the country.

Bayer employees and 4-H leaders are working alongside young people to explore and demonstrate why science matters to all of us – focusing on Science for Today, Science for Tomorrow and Science for a Generation. The Science Matters program includes new scholarship and grant opportunities, sponsorship of the 4-H Youth in Action Award-Agriculture Pillar and 4-H National Youth Summit on Agri-Science, Science and Agriculture Community Action Plans in four states (California, Kansas, Pennsylvania and New Jersey), and local on-site activities between Bayer and 4-H Chapters. These community outreach components serve to enhance student involvement, increase employee engagement, and extend the impact of the Science Matters program nationwide.

Northern Virginia Bayer Science Festival
A family engaging in a science experiment at a Northern Virginia Bayer Science Festival.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW): Biomedical Science Program

Bayer, like Project Lead The Way, strongly believes in reinventing the classroom experience. We both know the best way for teachers to teach science and students to learn science is the way scientists do – by doing it! As a Life Science company, we proudly support the PLTW Biomedical Science Program. It creates an engaging, hands-on classroom environment for students as well as provides key resources and training to help teachers involve students using topical learning exercises. PLTW Biomedical Science Program students tackle real-world challenges just as biomedical science professionals focus on solving real-life issues. At Bayer, our mission is Science for a Better Life. We look forward to one day having PLTW students join us in that endeavor.

Tickets for Kids Charities: STEM Venues

The Tickets for Kids® Charities organization provides access to extracurricular activities for children and families in need. Through partnerships with approved and vetted nonprofits serving disadvantaged kids and families, TFK distributes tickets for experiences in arts & culture, education & STEM, sports & recreation, and family entertainment. Bayer’s collaboration with Tickets for Kids centers on securing and providing experiences to STEM-focused venues so every child can participate in hands-on science learning in a fun, family-friendly environment. Together, Bayer and Tickets for Kids are inspiring the goals and dreams of the STEM leaders of tomorrow by creating unique learning opportunities for the children of today.